The story so far…

Dublin Dye has been around since 2007, dyeing yarn for fun and sometimes for profit.  We started above This is Knit’s Blackrock shop, doing some yarn and some classes, but mostly having fun.  When This is Knit moved to Dublin, Dublin Dye moved the other direction to Dun Laoghaire.

lots of yarn

A few years passed. We enjoyed doing dyeing when time and life permitted.  But then life took over in a big way, and myself and Elana had to leave Dublin Dye to it’s own devices.  Since then, there’s been two births, one death and a transatlantic move.  Busy times, to say the least.

Now Dublin Dye has been reduced to one, but I am enthusiastic about getting back to the dye studio.  Over the last few months there has been a lot of thinking about what to do with Dublin Dye and how.  Now is the time to start putting plans into action, and that starts with going back to dyeing yarn!

Elana is still in the background, keeping an eye from the US.  And I’ll still have the occasional ‘guest dyer’ in to help out.  So watch out for new colours in our Etsy shop and at This is Knit in the near future. And keep an eye here and on Twitter, as we’ve got a some interesting projects in the works…

One thought on “The story so far…

  1. Great news! I loved knitting with the sparkle laceweight. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful colours/yarn bases from Dublin Dye Co.

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