I finished a cardigan I was knitting for myself recently (Porphura), and I’ve wanted to cast on all the things since then!  I’ve managed to limit it somewhat to three…

Autumn Whispers has been cast on in the yarn I’d dyed earlier this month, and I’m working on to the sleeve caps.
 autumn whispers day
But I got bored.  In fairness, I’d hit a part of the pattern that said ‘knit for 17 rows’. I challenge any of you not to get bored.  I suspect Autumn will have done more than Whisper by the time I’m finished, unfortunately.
Then I had a class to teach at This is Knit on Saturday, and suddenly I needed to have a small, portable project. So I cast on socks
grape sock
Makey upy pattern in dyed from a (maybe) new base.  Colour is Squashed Grapes.
That lasted a day or two.  Then the toddler made a request for a knitted item. And who can turn down a three year old who says ‘bunny needs a sweater cause she’s cold’.
bunny sweater day
So bunny got a sweater.  Thankfully bunny is only about 6 inches tall, ears included.  The sweater was started when she went to bed. I knit it, sewed the ends, ‘blocked’ it and it was on the radiator to dry by the time I went to bed myself.  The yarn is leftover Dublin Dye Merino Sock, in Bimini.

Don’t forget there are a few more days left in the Etsy sale.  The code ‘WelcomeBack’ will get 15% off your purchase!

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