My Favourite Cardigan

A while back I realised that my favourite hand knit cardigan had gone missing.  It’s the second hand knit to go AWOL in my house, the first was the blanket I knit for my son before he was born.  It’s still missing, but the cardigan has decided to return to me!

featherweight cardigan2

I knit this cardi (a long version of Featherweight, by Hannah Fettig) when my daughter was just a newborn, over 3 (and a half!) years ago. My parents were visiting and spent a lot of time holding the baby, and my hands needed something to do.  So like any good knitter I knit, and knit. And knit, 1300m or so of laceweight.  It quickly became my favourite and still reminds me of the time when my not so little girl was a little baby.  It’s a merino silk blend, so light and airy but warm.

I had hoped it would turn up after it went missing last spring, and eventually it did – in the bottom of the winter hat/scarf/glove drawer.  It seems that a light airy cardigan has the bad habit of being mistaken for a scarf.

Putting on the reclaimed cardigan this morning I decided I really should knit myself another one.  I could probably make it just a bit shorter and get it from 1 skein (1200m) of merino silk laceweight.  I just have to decide what colour it should be.  And find the time!

So what’s your favourite sweater?

And if you ever see a lost hand knit striped blanket made from DB Cashmerino Aran somewhere around Dublin, let me know. Still gutted over that one.

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