Plan B

I loved this cardigan, and I’d had the yarn for ages.  More than ages, it’d been a cardigan before (Printed Silk Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio). It didn’t fit at all, that time it was too small.


This time, too big. I obviously had a lapse in judgement when selecting the size.  I should have knit a smaller size, or maybe put in some shaping. This just swamps me, it’s not at all flattering.  So I need a plan B.  I’m thinking of ripping the button band to about an inch, then dropping back to add a buttonhole under my bust.  Or removing the collar completely and use applied i-cord instead.  But the idea of all that i-cord strikes fear, so I think it’s going to be option A.  I even have a big grey button that just might work.  I hope, because I don’t want to rip this yarn a second time!

Any other ideas of how to fix it?

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