Do you spin?

I don’t. I’ve made a conscious decision not to spin, because I just don’t have the time. I don’t have the time for the hobbies I have already!  Of course I’m completely ignoring this logic when it comes to my desire to quilt, but that’s different. I’ve already got a sewing machine, and that makes it ok, right?

That said, at the suggestion of a few friends and customers I got some roving and dyed it. But how am I to know if it’s good? Does it spin well? Does the colour come off in your hands? Does it come apart too easily or not easily enough?

roving small

That’s where you come in. I’d like a few spinners to try it out for me.  I’ll send you about 25g of superwash BFL fibre (free!) and you agree to spin it sometime soon, then get back to me with your opinion.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is!  So leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch.  If there’s more people than roving I might even do a little draw.

I’d also like to hear from spinners on how you’d like the fibre to be dyed… short repeats or long? Or no repeats at all? Lots of colour or tonal?  I’m totally open ideas!

ETA I should stick an end date on this.  I’ll select people on Wednesday the 4th of December.   I’ll hopefully post to people on Friday.

11 thoughts on “Do you spin?

  1. I’d like to test some fibre for you! I tend to prefer fibre that doesn’t have a whole lot of repeats. I do however like some of the long gradient fibres you see these days. I also tend to like tonal colours so you get a nice depth in the finished yarn.

  2. I spin ok but wouldn’t say I’m great…. I find the best roving to use is marino wool. Sooo soft and gorgeous! Would be happy to spin and deliver if you want.
    BUT, I have to say that spinning is wonderful. I enjoy every minute and somehow manage to find time. Have just bought a loom from Warren at Craftspun and am about to embark on a new enterprise. Quilting is also one of my things as is dressmaking, tapestry work, cross stitching ….. I could go on. Grab your hobbies and just go for it!


    • Thanks for the input. I’d say if I started spinning I’d love it, but I’m putting quilting above spinning I guess, it’s what I’d rather do if I were to pick a new hobby!

  3. I would love to spin your dyeing tests but I am overseas (in NYC). If you would consider international testers, then I am ready.

    I also told myself that I would NOT learn to spin because I knew it would take over my life. Then, my daughter had the opportunity to learn to spin at a workshop for children. The teacher was letting the parents have a turn and I thought, how could it hurt to just try it once? Four spindles, three spinning wheels, two drum carders, a hand-spun yarn shop on etsy later….

    Be strong! But falling down the rabbit hole is pretty nice too.

    • Robin, Looks like the spinning has served you well! I have no problems shipping overseas, so I’ll put your name in the hat.
      I checked your website, I spent many years in St. John’s.

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