Holiday Knits

I don’t do a lot of holiday knitting, and this year isn’t really any different. I decided to knit one thing this year.  I wanted to knit a sleeveless jumper for my son to wear on Christmas day.  It’s not so much a present for him, cause what one year old will notice a hand knit jumper under the tree?  But it’s got a Christmas eve deadline just the same.


Since I took this photo yesterday morning (it has taken me that long to sit at a computer) I’ve almost finished the body, I just need to finish one shoulder and then do the edging on the sleeves and neck.  The yarn is Dublin Dye Merino Sock, in colour Icicle.  I think my chances of finishing it in time are good, although the amount of wrapping I have left to do is taunting me while I sit and knit!

So will you meet your Christmas deadlines?

3 thoughts on “Holiday Knits

  1. I love how the yarn accents the cable pattern!
    I only have one project deadline for Christmas, a little sweater for my baby cousin. I only need to bind off and sew on the buttons, so I should make it 🙂

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