Frolic with Fibre: Spinning for Dublin Dye Co

I asked for some volunteers recently to spin some new BFL fibre I’d tried dyeing. I was hoping for some feedback from real spinners, and not just my own ‘it still feels soft and didn’t rinse out any colour’ analysis.  What I got back from Diane was much more than I expected, so I asked if she minded making it a blog post.  With that, I introduce our first ever guest blogger: Diane from Dublin Knit Collective!

When the Dublin Dye Co. called out for spinners to take their dyed roving for a test spin in “Do You Spin?”, I enthusiastically waved my hand up in the air yelling, “YES! Pick me! Pick me!”

And so…I was one of the lucky spinners to receive 25g of superwash BFL roving from Yvonne.

Blue faced leicester is my favourite fibre and in its roving form, it is my choice when teaching beginners to handspin.


Fibre Preparation: The roving was very soft, and there were no patches or areas of felting noted along the length of the sliver. The main two colours in this roving sample had saturated in various tones throughout the fibres during the dyeing process. Pulling apart the roving lengthwise was very easy as I made up strip of fibre for pre-drafting, which was done with very little effort.




Handspinning the BFL roving was a dream with a my non-balanced homemade drop spindle. The dye remained on the fibres and did not run onto my fingers.
Here is 25g of BFL, WPI of 12 = 4 ply / worsted weight


I soaked the new plyed yarn in a warm bath of Eucalan for 20 minutes and the colour did
not run. 23 metres of this lovely yarn is skeined up and being admired for now until I find a knitting project for it….

final yarn

Dublin Dye Co. Superwash BFL roving, hand spun on Diane’s wonky homemade drop spindle.

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