porticoI had a fairly productive weekend finishing off and photographing projects.  This was the second thing off the needles, my Portico Shawl.  I love this one, the leaves are really me and it was a fairly simple knit with beautiful results.  I love stocking stitch. I can knit knit knit my way through a bit of TV watching, or while the kids are playing (when it’s important that I can put it down mid-row when a row breaks out or a head is bumped) and it doesn’t take a lot of concentration.  But obviously it can get boring too, so this shawl gave me that bit of interest without being too demanding.

I made the larger size of the pattern, using a skein of sample Dublin Dye Merino Silk Laceweight (this is a 45% Silk 55% Merino blend that hasn’t hit the shop yet!) I dyed this way back in October  apparently, and it’s been waiting patiently in the queue since then.  I think I used about 1/2 the skein for this, I have something else in mind for the rest of the skein.

The result? Very happy with the pattern, and very happy with the yarn.  It will be turning up online eventually, but not for another month or two unfortunately!

2 thoughts on “Portico

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