Storm damage

Ireland has been battered and bruised by the weather this winter, a lot of rain, wind and cold. Unfortunately the dye studio has been damaged by the weather. Between that and some other factors, I’ve decided it’s time to move. Plans are being put in place as I write, and I hope I’ll have my new studio in place around the end of March. This means that until then, there won’t be any shop updates, either online or This is Knit.

The up side is I will have a new studio, which is something that really needed to be done. I had been putting it off because moving was more difficult (and more expensive) than continuing in the old space. But the new space is going to be more convenient and have better use of space, so overall it’s definitely a good thing. All the other plans for this year are still moving along, including the Irish Yarn Club, new yarns and new colours!

One thought on “Storm damage

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