Not just a Paddy’s Day sale

If I’d been born a *little* more on time, my name would have been Patricia. My father was thrilled with the idea of a St Patrick’s Day baby. Apparently I didn’t agree.  What that means is that this isn’t just a Paddy’s Day sale, it’s a ‘Paddy’s Day Is Not My Birthday’ Sale. Or a ‘Paddy’s Day Is Almost My Birthday’ Sale, whichever you prefer.  It’s also a small bit of a ‘help get the new studio up and running’ sale 🙂

So today through Wednesday March 19th, everything at is 20% off!  After that the new studio won’t be done until sometime in April and I’m going to be away for a little while between now and then. So I’m going to put the shop on ‘holiday’ for about a month, until the studio is running and some new stock is ready to go.

That should include some new yarn, either a sock yarn or lace yarn, which would you prefer to see online first?

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