Blackrock Vest

The first phase of the new Dublin Dye studio is complete. Progress is being made! And the online shop is officially shut for a little while.  So with not much better to do (hahaha!), I’m knitting.

Blackrock Vest

This little toddler vest is the same as the one I knit for my little boy at Christmas.  This one is on it’s way to a new baby who’s way too small for it.  He’s not even a month old yet, but cute as a button and already smothered in hand knits…  But I couldn’t possibly not knit something for the This is Knit baby!  Unfortunately I wasn’t organised enough to have it knit before I met him (he was only a week old) so it might give me another chance for baby cuddles.


My ‘baby’ had to check it out as well.  Photo shoots aren’t always the easiest with two kids running circles around me!

The yarn is more Dublin Dye Merino Sock, this time in the colour Midnight.  The pattern is my own, which I’ve written up in sizes 6 months to 6 years.  If there’s anyone out there who’d like to test knit for me, please let me know!

12 thoughts on “Blackrock Vest

  1. Received the pattern, and have been to the yarnstore. Chose a demin-blue soft cotton/wool blend, Duett by Sandnesgarn.
    Just startet with the caston and ribbing, looking forward to continuing:-)

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  3. I know I’m years late, but I would love to know your pattern and test knit for you? I would really like to make this vest for my son who will almost be 2 years old this Xmas.

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