Swing Sock

I have never been in love with our ‘Twinkle toes’ sock yarn.  It’s a good yarn, it takes dye well, but I love my socks to be super soft, and it’s just not quite there.

So I decided to find a new wool/nylon sock yarn, one that I love just as much as the Merino yarn, but with some nylon.  And this is it:

blog group yarn

I used this yarn for some socks last year (which I’ve now realised I didn’t blog, must fix that) and they quickly became one of my favourite pairs. The yarn is lovely and soft, as soft as the pure merino. But the nylon adds some strength perfect for socks or other hard wearing projects.  And the colours… And I think it takes colour pretty well, don’t you?

Do you want to try the new yarn? It’s already up on the Etsy site! Or, leave a comment here and tell me which colour is your favourite (or a colour you’d like to see)… and I’ll draw some names in a week’s time (May 9th) and send a skein each to two lucky winners!

Personally, I’ve already got a skein of ‘bog’ (the brown on the right) put aside for some socks for my aunt… But I’m in love with almost all of them.

47 thoughts on “Swing Sock

  1. They are all fab Yvonne, lovin the orange, and the purple, blue is fab too! Hope you are well, catch up soon once we are done with chickenpox

  2. I adore the yellow 🙂 I think a pair of socks in that colour would make me smile everyday!! The colours are stunning. Definitely need more yarn from you 😉

  3. Wow, gorgeous! Bonfire, Vampire and Irish Sea are just beautiful. My favorite colors, I’d have such a hard time choosing! You do beautiful work. Good luck with your new base 🙂

  4. These are all gorgeous! Ripple and Bonfire are both gorgeous, but they don’t show up very well in the picture above. I liked them better seeing them on Etsy, and I think I prefer the Bonfire by just a smidgen. These colors are fantastic. I’m glad you’re enjoying the new base!

  5. They are so vibrant and lovely and too nice to hide in shoes or under jeans, so my favourite, midnight, would
    be made into a shawl!

  6. So excited to have found you on Ravelry and your shop on etsy (faved!). They’re all GORGEOUS. I especially like Daffodil Day — it’s very hard to find green clothes in general (one reason I started knitting) and this hits all the points of green — yellow-green through blue-green — and it’s just so TASTY.

  7. Love the yellow and the blue and the purple…I love them all. Looking forward to petting some when I’m next down at TIK 🙂

  8. They’re all gorgeous! If I had to choose one fave it would be Daffodil Day, but I like Bog and Vampire, too!

  9. they are all gorgeous, but if I have to choose, please send me either the Daffodil day or the Vampire when I win. 🙂

  10. Can’t choose jut one! They are all beautiful colours. And is it possible to have too many socks in many different colours?

  11. I am loving the yellow………………sunshine in a skein.
    Would love to see some strong pinks e.g. fuchia (spelling?).

  12. My favorite is the pink/purple second to the top on the left. So pretty, but all of them are great! The yellow, yellow green, blue, etc.

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  14. Utterly love Irish Sea, so perfectly and evocatively named. Can almost see the waves. And now I need to go see the sea for real.

  15. I like the the plum and the mixed lilac/purples as well as the orange, it really catches my eye, probably to do with warmth/heat and the hope that we get some soon! 😉

  16. Picking just one is too hard. I’m lovin’ them all. Today Bog and Daffodil Day are my favourites, but tomorrow it could as easily be Petrol and Bonfire.

  17. Vampire is my fav but knitting a shawl from that ATM
    I would choose Ripple and would make my wee girl a hat ! Love the colours and will be buying soon x

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