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It’s been busy around here!  Although the dyeing has slowed down a bit while my husband does some work on the studio (plumbing and insulation, since it was sorta thrown up in the beginning so I could sort the dye club on time) I’ve been hard at work on some patterns which I hope to share with you soon.  And I’ve placed a big yarn order, with some new things!

First up is a new lace, a 45/55 merino silk blend which will be online only for the moment.  It’s thicker than what I currently stock, at 800m per 100g. Gorgeous stuff, really lovely to work with.

Then right behind it will be some DK weight merino. This is the same as the Merino sock, and I’ll be dyeing it in bigger batches to allow for bigger projects.

The new Swing sock has been flying out the door, both online at at This is Knit!  I’ll be restocking both soon as well.  Have you got some yet? What are your plans for it?

Last but not least, did you notice I’ve moved to my own domain? is my new home! There’s also a new email,, although the gmail obviously still works as well.  If there’s a colour you’d like to see in any of the yarns mentioned let me know. I love custom dye requests as well, it’s always fun interpreting someone elses’ requests into a lovely new skein of yarn, some have even become regulars in the shop!

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