People often comment that because I’m a dyer, I’ve got yarn at my fingertips all the time when I want to knit something. And it’s true, I’ve got several big plastic containers of yarn in my studio, and I’ve literally just put in an order for another 120 skeins. Although I don’t consider it mine, I definitely have a lot of yarn.

I’m currently looking at some new projects to cast on, one is Pivot, which I’ve been in love with for a little while now. But I don’t have the yarn in my stash, I don’t even really have that weight yarn in stock. I could buy it, but Wollmeise isn’t cheap or even easy to get. So I’m seriously considering buying some yarn in the right weight and dyeing it. But then I’ve got to wait for it to arrive, I’ve got to find the time to dye it, and then I’ve got to wait for it to dry.

swatch fine donegalI have two other projects desperately wanting to be made. One is a shawl for leaving at my desk at work (Wheaten, I think) but again I don’t have the yarn, I have to dye it. I can’t even decide on the colour for that one, maybe grey. The third is a sweater I have yarn for (Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal) but no pattern. I want to replace a sweater I bought last winter but got felted in the wash (entirely my own fault). But I can’t find a pattern to do exactly what I want, so of course I’m going to design it (swatch above). As soon as I get over the fear of messing it up.

Until then, these socks that I started on holidays are taking up my time, and were taking up my thought power (I did at least three different heels before I was happy with this one) but this one is now on the home stretch!

canal socks

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