It’s that time of year again, time for Knitmas! I didn’t take many photos of the parcel I sent out this year… I should have been more observant of the blogging opportunity. I did take some of the shawl I knit, but they’re not great.

knitmas shawl3

The  photo doesn’t deserve to be any bigger than that, trust me. The lack of light didn’t help.

The pattern is a modified version of Estuary, by Tin Can Knits. My Knitmas recipient is a fan of lace shawls, but I’m not great at following through on lace patterns. I thought a compromise was in order, as the deadline for this one was pretty fixed. Lace on just one side of the shawl worked for us both, I hope.

knitmas shawl

The yarn is Dublin Dye Merino Sock, in a Pewter I dyed for myself but repurposed for Knitmas. Which reminds me, I must dye more yarn. I want to knit Wheaten for myself, when I find the time.

I did like the pattern on this shawl, but I think the lace could have been slightly better planned.  It’s full of ssk stitches, with the odd section of k2togs instead. I eventually stopped doing the k2togs as they didn’t sit the way I thought they should, but I think if the lace were reworked slightly, you’d be able to use k2togs all the way through, which I find easier when they’re every second stitch. And obviously I worked to the first marker and then left the second half plain stocking stitch.

For the rest of the package, I used the title of Evin O’Keefe’s book as a bit of inspiration. There was Baking (Gingerbread), Knitting (the Shawl) and Sewing (a box bag) involved in my parcel… But nothing else got photographed!

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