Handmade Christmas


No, I’m nowhere near a handmade Christmas. I didn’t knit anything for under the tree this year. I did think about making Christmas handknits a part of the kids present, but just didn’t have the time.

But I love handmade ornaments on the Christmas tree. Many ornaments on my tree have a history and a story behind them, whether they are handmade or gifts from friends and loved ones. I’m not ever going to have a perfect tree, but I love it in it’s imperfection. To me Christmas trees are about the stories.

handmade ornaments

The red felt ornament was a gift from Crafty Tails as a part of this year’s Knitmas exchange.  I’m not sure if she knew I was an ornament lover, but it is perfect, handmade and a story behind it.

At the top of the photo there’s a beaded candy cane made by my son the other day. He’s 2, so colour and patterns aren’t his thing yet but it’s sweet partly because of that. Then there’s a hand painted gingerbread man and a painted glass bauble. I made those two for my first tree after I moved out of my parents house (hard to believe that was almost 15 years ago). I guess most people buy ornaments for their new tree, but I couldn’t just do that, and at the time my mother worked in a craft shop so supplies were cheap to come by.

But with all the ornaments on my tree with stories, there’s nothing there that’s been knitted. I think sometime in the next year I will have to change that.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas full of good food and good company and a little something special under the tree. Merry Christmas!

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