Why do we do it?

Knitters buy beautiful yarn, search for the right pattern, spend hours and hours knitting, and then stop, just before it’s finshed. We all have projects sitting around, nearly finished; needing seams, buttons, or just a few more days of concentrated effort. Why do we do it?

I decided that the two projects annoying me most from my unfinished pile needed looking at. The first is Mossy Bells. A cute kids cardigan I started back in May. However I’d torn out the sleeves several times because the short rows made me want to cry, the sleeves always ended up looking awful. So last week I pulled back the front and knit the sleeves as set in sleeves. I still don’t like them, but it’s done.

mossy bells

It doesn’t quite fit the little girl (too big across the shoulders mainly) but she says she likes it so I won’t throw it out like I’d kinda like to. It’s long too, so she may grow into it yet. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden 4 ply I bought years and years ago from This is Knit when they were in Blackrock.

Second we have a pair of socks I started for the husband. He sails occasionally and warm wool socks come in handy sometimes. I don’t know when I cast on these socks but I bought the yarn at HandmAid 2013, and apparently I was knitting them the same time as the sweater, based on the post from last year.  One and a half socks in I got really bored of them and put them down. The fact that the yarn (Wendy Roam) is ‘sturdy’ and a bit rough didn’t help. But three days of effort and they’re done too.

manly socks

I used the basic toe up heel flap pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks for these. A useful book to have around for basic sock instructions.

You all know what two finished projects means, don’t you? I get to cast on something new.

sock yarnYarn: Dublin Dye Swing Sock in Water Sprite

One thought on “Why do we do it?

  1. Lovely FOs! It must be great to have them off your conscience so you can cast on something new! For me the problem with finishing is usually having the concentration and a block of time long enough to complete the tricky bit.

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