New socks for me, and a new sock pattern for you! These were a while working their way out of my head. The started off back in October, in a different yarn. But when I got past that point they just didn’t work. The biased rib just didn’t stretch enough to get them on my foot. So I tore them out, and eventually started again. This time in Dublin Dye Swing Sock. A bit of trial and error and some blind luck, and they work. And there was even enough yarn left over for a second (smaller) pair.

howth main photoYarn: Dublin Dye Swing Sock in Water Sprite

My little boy had been wearing his sister’s hand me down knit socks with his wellies, and it was time he got his own pair.

These socks are knit from the toe up, reversing the usual top down heel flap construction. The gusset increases are placed at the top of the foot instead of the side, allowing the biased rib to flow along the side of the foot and a simple ribbed leg finishes off the sock in no time.

The pattern is available through Ravelry now!

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