Studio Tour

Dublin Dye has had several homes over it’s lifetime. We started in the studio over This is Knit. From there we moved on to Elana’s ‘cottage’, the converted garage beside her house. But about 2 years ago that suddenly became unuseable, so I had to move. Fast.

shedNow the studio resides in my back garden, just there past the barbeque. I did a bit of shopping, and ended up fitting in (and fitting out) a 2*4 metre metal shed in the garden. Thankfully we have a relatively big garden (by Dublin city standards anyway), and room for such a thing!

kitchen sinkInside I’ve got a slightly ramshackle kitchen, which was kindly ‘donated’ by my in law’s in law’s, who had replaced theirs recently with something a bit more modern. An electrician and a plumber paid me a visit, and I was up and running! It is working out great to have the studio at home, because I can run in and out while minding the kids or cooking the dinner. The little ones are well used to me telling them ‘I’ve just got to run out to the shed for a minute, no fighting!’

shelvesAt the other end, I have storage. Lots of yarn, both dyed and undyed. And some tools and toys, because you can’t have a shed in the garden without everyone else trying to take it over. There’s even a snowman stuffed under the shelves, and usually a small bicycle or two shoved down this end as well.

potsI really like the skylight, it’s in the perfect location to see the yarn colour. I mostly use the pots for yarn, although the crock pots get used for roving. I’ve also used the ‘exposed beams’ to string a washing line back and forth across the ceiling, so I can hang yarn inside somewhere other than my diningroom on a rainy day.

So what’s cooking in the shed today?

experimentingThis skein doesn’t look like much, but it is the subject of a little experiment. If it goes well, it’s going to make some fabulous socks for my aunt.

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