Castleknock vest

I think this idea came into my head a year or more ago. I still love vest on little boys (and little girls for that matter) and the idea of knitting a saddle shoulder in a vest intrigued me. How could it be done, and what would it turn out like? castleknock5As it turns out, it’s pretty cute 🙂  This little v necked vest has a ribbed saddle shoulder, that mirrors the ribs down the side. It is knit from fingering weight Swing Sock merino yarn, so light but warm on a chilly day. And the main reason I like sleeveless knits, easy to get under a coat without adding bulk.

castleknock shoulder

The saddle shoulders are short rows, with a decrease on each end instead of a wrap and turn. Finally stitches are picked up around the neck and the armholes, to finish off with a bit of ribbing.

The pattern is now available through Ravelry, use the discount code GoIreland for 20% discount off all Dublin Dye patterns this week only!

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