Still standing

I’m afraid to even look back to see when I last posted to this blog. It’s been quite a while. But Dublin Dye has still been ticking along, dyeing all the yarn!

Until now that is. For the summer at least, the dye studio is shut down.


Not all is lost though, I’ve been busy preparing for this day, and have dyed up a storm over the last few weeks. My house has been covered in yarn, for which my family have been surprisingly tolerant. Last Wednesday I turned of the last dye pot and I’m still trying to get it all skeined and labeled. Since then the shed has been cleared out and torn down.

Sad to see it go, but it’s making way for bigger and better. The family abode is being extended, and in the extension plans is a new large utility room which will (all going well) double as a new, indoor, centrally heated (!) dye room.

Once I catch up with the skeining and labeling I’m going to be photographing and getting some new stock up on the website. Keep an eye out on social media, I’ll let you know when things start appearing!

In the meantime, did you see the Irish Dye Junkies Market Night on Saturday? There are lots of beautiful colours still available so why not take a peek?


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