So Sew

Apparently I take the same point of view on sewing as I do on knitting. That is, I don’t necessarily need a pattern when I have an idea. Like for this doll buggy. I’d been thinking for a while that it’s a bit knackered, and could use replacing.

old buggyThe reason it’s so knackered? Someone didn’t realise it’s not rated for over 10kgs:)

andrew buggy(He thought he was showing off the picture)

But then recently I realised I have a machine, and lots of fabric, and the doll deserves better than that.

new buggy closeAnd she has a new candy cane buggy liner. I started with two squares, trimmed corners where necessary, and added some elastic and ribbon. all stuff out of the stash (the benefit of a stash of not just wool) so free as well.

new buggyI’ve told the little boy this one is just for the dolly, not for big kids. We’ll see if her listens. I’m tempted though to do a boy themed one as well. Cause why can’t boys have green dinosaur buggies?

Zip it

I’ve been doing a lot more sewing in the last year, ever since I got the quilting bug at last year’s Knitting and Stitching show. I made two (only slightly wonky) quilts for my kids, and recently I decided I wanted to figure out how to make a box bag. This might also have been a result of the knitting and Stitching show actually, they were running a box bag course which I didn’t get around to taking.

The big problem with making a box bag was inserting the zipper… this wasn’t something I’d done well before. But I figured out my zipper foot on my machine, and I’m pretty happy with the results.


When the kids saw me pulling out fabric and realised what I was up to, they requested bags too. The oldest has designated hers the marker case, and her brother’s is the crayon case. Very organised, my little girl, she must have got that from her father!


I used this tutorial¬†from DragoKnits, with some modifications.¬† I didn’t use interfacing, mainly because I didn’t have any. And I made my straps a different size. And *my* brown bag is big. Big enough to hold my spindle. I did that one with a 14 inch zip and 14*19 square of fabric. Mine is just big enough for my current ‘project’, some spinning. I got a spindle from Hilltop Cloud recently and I’ve been working on some yarn for a hat. I’m nearly there!