Ten Day Challenge

I usually don’t knit many (if any) Christmas presents. A few things over the years for my immediate family, but never for the in laws. Until now.

As part of the complicated Kris Kringle type draw the in laws do, we got two of my sister in laws (there are 4 total) and their husbands. We quickly decided that dinner vouchers and baby sitting promises would be the best presents for both. And then I thought that maybe I should knit some hats, just so they have something nice on the day. That was on the 14th of December of course, so ten days to knit four hats. Nothing like a challenge.

I did the girls hats first, some Drops Alaska to knit some cabled, pompom hats.

cabled hatsI wasn’t sure if I’d have time to do boy hats as well, but it turns out if you knit constantly for a full day you can knit a hat, even in sock weight. Thankfully my work was very quiet Tibbs Eve, and my boss wasn’t bothered by a bit of last minute Christmas knitting.

plain boy hats

These two are Indigo Dragonfly sock yarn (green) and Malabrigo Finito (grey).

No patterns for any of these hats, that would have been just too easy. And that resulted in me knitting 5 hats in the 10 days… the first hat I started, in some left over Malabrigo Arroyo, was inadvertently child sized. But I finished it as well, and it’s gone to the little boy.

andrew cables

And finally, I cast on hat number six on Christmas Eve! I’m using some Malabrigo Finito that Jenbeardublin gave me last year for Knitmas. As soon as I started making hats I realised this yarn would make a perfect soft warm cabled at like the first two… but since the yarn was a gift the hat has to be for me. I can’t wait to wear it!

hat for me

I hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas with thoughtful presents, happy children playing quietly (as they are here, for the moment at least!), good food and lots of rest.

Handmade Christmas


No, I’m nowhere near a handmade Christmas. I didn’t knit anything for under the tree this year. I did think about making Christmas handknits a part of the kids present, but just didn’t have the time.

But I love handmade ornaments on the Christmas tree. Many ornaments on my tree have a history and a story behind them, whether they are handmade or gifts from friends and loved ones. I’m not ever going to have a perfect tree, but I love it in it’s imperfection. To me Christmas trees are about the stories.

handmade ornaments

The red felt ornament was a gift from Crafty Tails as a part of this year’s Knitmas exchange.  I’m not sure if she knew I was an ornament lover, but it is perfect, handmade and a story behind it.

At the top of the photo there’s a beaded candy cane made by my son the other day. He’s 2, so colour and patterns aren’t his thing yet but it’s sweet partly because of that. Then there’s a hand painted gingerbread man and a painted glass bauble. I made those two for my first tree after I moved out of my parents house (hard to believe that was almost 15 years ago). I guess most people buy ornaments for their new tree, but I couldn’t just do that, and at the time my mother worked in a craft shop so supplies were cheap to come by.

But with all the ornaments on my tree with stories, there’s nothing there that’s been knitted. I think sometime in the next year I will have to change that.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas full of good food and good company and a little something special under the tree. Merry Christmas!