Not my colours

I’ve cast on two new things recently, for other people, and they aren’t colours I would usually choose. First, I recently knit a vest for my son, and now my daughter wants one as well. But she wants pink. Cotton Candy pink. daughterly vest

Yarn: Dublin Dye Swing Sock in Cotton Candy

(the bag in the background is the one I bought in Edinburgh from KnitRunDig) I only cast on a few days ago but I am getting a bit bored of the pink. So I decided I should cast on some socks, since I’m sponsoring the Solid Socks group in Ravelry this month. But I don’t really want solid socks in any of the colours I have at the moment, so I cast on some socks for my mother.  I’ve never knit her socks before, and she’s spent the week minding my kids, so it’s only fair.

motherly socksYarn: Dublin Dye Swing Sock in Clear

Something in me is itching to cast on something dark and moody, but I need to finish these projects in the near future, so that will have to wait I think. And although these colours aren’t me, they suit the season and the day perfectly.

Happy Easter!