HandmAid Knits

Next weekend is the ever popular HandmAid Craft Day! I was looking through my stash to see what could get donated, and realised I don’t have an awful lot of extra yarn. There’s some Dublin Dye yarn that will go (one off samples, discountinued yarns, and seconds) and some bits from my own stash, but I realised a lot of what I have is ends of skeins and odd half balls.  So I figured the best thing to do with them is knit:

elf babyThis little hat started off with the ElfBaby pattern I mentioned a few weeks ago. But unfortunately my yarn wasn’t going to last, so I had to make it smaller and less elfy. Still pretty cute though, and I’ll make a full Elf hat someday soon!

Little bits of leftover yarn also make good stripey hats. So that’s what I’ve been knitting this week.stripey hatsAnd there are more to come…

purple hatI hope to see you there on Saturday!

Joining in for MSF

I don’t usually watch the news. I get my news online, on the radio, and (hangs head) Facebook and Twitter. TV news just isn’t on my radar, because I barely have time to watch TV as it is. Anything important I presume I’ve heard in the car on the way home.

But somehow this week I’ve ended up watching real time TV every evening and I’ve seen some of the footage from the Philippines… And I’ve gone to bed sad, my mind going overtime, and desperately wanting to hug my children. We are just so lucky to have what we do, and to live somewhere where we’re not likely to be impacted by weather like this.

So to jump on a bandwagon, any pattern sales for my Daisy Chains Cardigan for November (including sales to date) will go  to Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders.  And I’ll put 10% of November’s Dublin Dye sales to it too. I’m not big, it won’t be thousands, but if it gets help to someone who needs it?