People often comment that because I’m a dyer, I’ve got yarn at my fingertips all the time when I want to knit something. And it’s true, I’ve got several big plastic containers of yarn in my studio, and I’ve literally just put in an order for another 120 skeins. Although I don’t consider it mine, I definitely have a lot of yarn.

I’m currently looking at some new projects to cast on, one is Pivot, which I’ve been in love with for a little while now. But I don’t have the yarn in my stash, I don’t even really have that weight yarn in stock. I could buy it, but Wollmeise isn’t cheap or even easy to get. So I’m seriously considering buying some yarn in the right weight and dyeing it. But then I’ve got to wait for it to arrive, I’ve got to find the time to dye it, and then I’ve got to wait for it to dry.

swatch fine donegalI have two other projects desperately wanting to be made. One is a shawl for leaving at my desk at work (Wheaten, I think) but again I don’t have the yarn, I have to dye it. I can’t even decide on the colour for that one, maybe grey. The third is a sweater I have yarn for (Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal) but no pattern. I want to replace a sweater I bought last winter but got felted in the wash (entirely my own fault). But I can’t find a pattern to do exactly what I want, so of course I’m going to design it (swatch above). As soon as I get over the fear of messing it up.

Until then, these socks that I started on holidays are taking up my time, and were taking up my thought power (I did at least three different heels before I was happy with this one) but this one is now on the home stretch!

canal socks

HandmAid Knits

Next weekend is the ever popular HandmAid Craft Day! I was looking through my stash to see what could get donated, and realised I don’t have an awful lot of extra yarn. There’s some Dublin Dye yarn that will go (one off samples, discountinued yarns, and seconds) and some bits from my own stash, but I realised a lot of what I have is ends of skeins and odd half balls.  So I figured the best thing to do with them is knit:

elf babyThis little hat started off with the ElfBaby pattern I mentioned a few weeks ago. But unfortunately my yarn wasn’t going to last, so I had to make it smaller and less elfy. Still pretty cute though, and I’ll make a full Elf hat someday soon!

Little bits of leftover yarn also make good stripey hats. So that’s what I’ve been knitting this week.stripey hatsAnd there are more to come…

purple hatI hope to see you there on Saturday!

Grand Canal

Still mostly avoiding the computer here, it’s great to spend some time away from it. I have had a chance to do the final edits on the pattern for my Grand Canal fingerless mitts. Grand Canal, because doesn’t that lace pattern look like the locks on the canal?

Grand CanalThis pattern is for fingerless mitts in both lace and fingering weight yarn. Above is the lace, and although there’s a bit more kntting in them, I recommend trying it because they turn beautifully, and so soft and weightless you barely know you’re wearing them. I used the leftovers from my Portico shawl for these, and some Swing Sock leftover from a pair of socks for the fingering weight ones. That’s part of the reason I love knitting fingerless mitts. They’re a quick project, and they use up some of those bits of leftover yarn.

Grand CanalGrand Canal mitts are being offered at a reduced price of €2.50 for the month of September, then they’ll go up to the usual price of €3.50.


I have to say, the Weave Spin Dye guild are nothing but a bunch of enablers. I went to a meeting recently (third Sunday of the month, Powerscourt balcony), to chat and catch up and see how things are going. Obviously I can’t bring much dye with me other than finished skeins, but others bring their weaving and spinning. Lisa from This is Knit brought this,

spinning wheelher Ashford Traveller spinning wheel. She rushed home to feed the baby, but left the wheel ‘in case anyone else wanted to try it out’.

I may have brought it home with me. For safe keeping. For it’s own good.

I also may have pulled out the lovely fibre that Cathyqtpi gave me a while ago. And I may have spun some.

spun yarnI’m definitely learning, although I’m not always sure *what* I’m learning.  I’m definitely headed down a slippery slope. I even hear rumours there is could be a spinning class at this year’s HandmAid Craft Day.

Catching up

I meant to post last week, but the world did that thing it tends to do every now and then, and threw us a curve ball. We’ve spent the week catching up with ourselves.

I had two knitting projects I was working on.
Husband socksThe first is a pair of socks for my husband, in Wendy Roam I picked up at Handmaid Craft Day last year.

mossy bellsThe second is Mossy Bells for my daughter, in Noro Silk Garden Sock.  I’ve had this in my stash for years, it was originally supposed to be a Clapotis, but there wasn’t enough.

They were both irritating me, the sock yarn is a bit rough (although fine for sailing socks for himself) and the Silk Garden is hard on the hands. I love silk, but one day I will have to admit that my hands don’t appreciate it. Not today though. The other think I should have learned by now is that ribbed socks are so boring, and not even my netflix subcription can make them interesting. Especially in a mens size 11.

So I cast on something else, in my new sock yarn.

shady socksSome selfish knitting, socks for myself.  They are a pattern that I wrote years ago, but it needs some work and some new photos.  So that means new socks 🙂 Yellow, because everyone seems to be talking about yellow lately, and I got sucked in. I’m nearly done the first sock.

Peer Pressure

I was happily knitting away on my shawl, making good progress, when peer pressure got to me. Everyone seemed to be doing Follow Your Arrow. And I peeked at the first clue. And, well…


I cast on. I didn’t have enough 4 ply in my own stash, so I raided the Dublin Dye shop and turned up a skein of Merino Silk in Troublemaker that was a bit too purple. Or at least that’s my excuse for picking this skein!  The yarn is my favourite fibre combination for laceweight, so I’m enjoying the knitting.

To counteract the lace here and in Portico, I’ve started working on Autumn Whispers again.  Three active WIPs is enough for the moment, so although I want to cast on Carol Feller’s first Irish Yarn Club project, I think it’s going to have to wait.

Also, my poor camera is in the shop, refusing to focus. I’m stuck with the camera phone until further notice.