Love, Yarn

My brother has a love of punctuation, as well as a dry a sense of humour.  When writing to eachother, we will often sign off with ‘Love your sister’  and ‘Love your brother’… it’s a command, not a endearment. valentines yarnBut today it’s a bit of both.  For Valentine’s weekend there’s a 3 day sale on all yarns.  The coupon code ‘LOVEYARN’ will give you 15% off anything and everything in the Dublin Dye shop.  Because we know you love yarn, and you know yarn loves you.

Spin, spin, spinning!

Remember last year I asked for some people to spin some roving?  Well the results are in.  The samples I sent off found loving homes and turned into little skeins of yarn like this.


Nerissa said “the whole time I was spinning it I kept wishing that there I had more to spin!”  I’m definitely taking that as a good thing.

I dyed some more last weekend, and since then I have found myself wandering around the house pulling little bits of fibre between my fingers, twisting them into tiny threads of yarn. My daughter (three and a half) has adopted some as a pet. I think that’s another good sign.  I can feel my ‘I don’t spin’ resolve slowly seeping away. But I just gave in to the quilting, maybe that will distract me for a while?

Anyway, I present the first (hopefully of many) new thing from Dublin Dye this year.

vampire roving

The roving, along with a few skeins of sock yarn, have been added to the Etsy shop. We’re still having our MERRYCHRISTMAS sale on for 3 more days too! Finally, if you tune in tomorrow when we’ll have a guest post from Diane at the Dublin Knit Collective about her sample spinning. See you then 🙂

Merry Christmas

The day is almost over, and it went as well as could be expected.  Tired toddlers have been bundled into bed and I have no desire to do anything more than sit on the sofa and watch TV.  Well, that and go to bed and read on my new Kindle 🙂

I did finish the little boy’s vest in time, and he looked darling in it.  Here he is on the bike he got for Christmas.

christmas jumper

I wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who’s supported me this year.  It’s been a bit rollercoastery here on occasion, but it’s great to be back and to get involved in things like the This is Knit Irish Yarn Club and the Weave Spin Dye guild.  I’ve got more plans for 2014 including new yarns and of course fibre.  To share my thanks for keeping with me, there’s a coupon code for 15% of in the Etsy shop. Just enter MERRYCHRISTMAS at the checkout until January 15th.  There’s still free shipping until the end of the month as well, so double sale 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New year!  Now, where’d I put my Kindle?

Shop Update

yarns 071013

Here they are, some of the new yarns!  A little bit of everything has been included – Merino and Twinkle Toes sock yarns, Alpaca and Merino in lace.  I have to admit there are a few of these I will be sad to part with.

Since it’s been so long since the last shop update, I thought a little sale might be in order.  Use the code ‘WELCOMEBACK’ on checkout and you will recieve a 15% discount!  The sale will run until the end of the month.

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