Knit and Stitch!

It’s here, it’s here! Today is the first day of the Knitting and Stitching show at the RDS in Dublin. I did seriously consider taking a stand this year, but in the end it was too much to take on at the moment. Maybe (hopefully) next year! But I did get asked by the Weave Spin Dye Guild to supply them with some hand dyed hand knits and some yarn.

dublindyeThis isn’t just any yarn though, it’s special Guild yarn!

spin yarnThey asked for a custom colour, based on their logo. Special, just for them. And who am I to say no to any colour request? So they have their own yarn now, with their logo on the label and everything.  There will also be a limited selection of other colours (mostly Swing Sock) at the guild stand all weekend (stand C60, along the back), so be sure to check it out and say hi if you see me. I’ll be there on Friday, I might get to show off my newly found spinning skills.


I’ve become a little obsessed. S Twist will be at the stand too, maybe he’ll give me some pointers 🙂

Silken Lace

I’ve been a little negligent of the blog lately. My excuse is I was working on my first ever magazine pattern proposal.  It’d be amazing if it got accepted, but I’m definitely not counting on it!

In the mean time, the new Silken Lace went up on the etsy shop with no fanfare. It’s feeling a little unloved, honestly.

silken lace yarn hand dye

But I do love this yarn, even if it’s been a little overlooked. I made the beautiful Portico out of the sample skein. A lovely pattern and lovely yarn to go with it.  This is a 45% silk, 55% merino blend, strong and shiny and soft. A pleasure to work with. It’s currently being offered at an introductory price of just €20 a skein!  If this goes into a brick and mortar shop the price will have to go up, but for now it’s online only, and that means an online price. Don’t miss out!


I probably shouldn’t steal from a nun

My aunt saw me working on some socks for my daughter while we were visiting a few months ago, and requested a pair. So I showed her some yarn, and let her pick some for a pair of socks as a birthday present for her. I don’t usually knit for people other than immediate family… but who would say no to the head of the family, who just happens to be a 70 year old nun?

Stone wall socksMakey upey graduated rib pattern using basic top down heel flap sock instructions from Sensational Knitted Socks. Yarn is Dublin Dye Swing Sock, colour Stone Wall.

But I really love these socks. I want to keep them, even if they are just a little big on me. But they’re my aunt’s socks, knit in the yarn my aunt chose. Keeping them would be like stealing from a nun, and that’d be wrong, right?  I must get my aunt’s address and get the socks in the post sooner rather than later, or she may never get them.

Not just a Paddy’s Day sale

If I’d been born a *little* more on time, my name would have been Patricia. My father was thrilled with the idea of a St Patrick’s Day baby. Apparently I didn’t agree.  What that means is that this isn’t just a Paddy’s Day sale, it’s a ‘Paddy’s Day Is Not My Birthday’ Sale. Or a ‘Paddy’s Day Is Almost My Birthday’ Sale, whichever you prefer.  It’s also a small bit of a ‘help get the new studio up and running’ sale 🙂

So today through Wednesday March 19th, everything at is 20% off!  After that the new studio won’t be done until sometime in April and I’m going to be away for a little while between now and then. So I’m going to put the shop on ‘holiday’ for about a month, until the studio is running and some new stock is ready to go.

That should include some new yarn, either a sock yarn or lace yarn, which would you prefer to see online first?

Three down (Follow Your Arrow)

P1000157Two to go. I haven’t decided which clue from week 4 I’m going to do on the Follow Your Arrow mystery knit along. When I saw the pattern I was tempted by the second one, but looking at the spoilers (why no, I am not the surprise sort, why do you ask?) and I’m liking the first better. I waited a few days to decide on clue 3, it might be the same this time.  But I’m happy that I’m keeping up, even with a slight quilt obsession in the making, and the spindle still talking to my from the bookshelf.

I haven’t tried the spinning yet, because until I try it, I can continue to believe that I’m naturally very good at it.

Peer Pressure

I was happily knitting away on my shawl, making good progress, when peer pressure got to me. Everyone seemed to be doing Follow Your Arrow. And I peeked at the first clue. And, well…


I cast on. I didn’t have enough 4 ply in my own stash, so I raided the Dublin Dye shop and turned up a skein of Merino Silk in Troublemaker that was a bit too purple. Or at least that’s my excuse for picking this skein!  The yarn is my favourite fibre combination for laceweight, so I’m enjoying the knitting.

To counteract the lace here and in Portico, I’ve started working on Autumn Whispers again.  Three active WIPs is enough for the moment, so although I want to cast on Carol Feller’s first Irish Yarn Club project, I think it’s going to have to wait.

Also, my poor camera is in the shop, refusing to focus. I’m stuck with the camera phone until further notice.

Merry Christmas

The day is almost over, and it went as well as could be expected.  Tired toddlers have been bundled into bed and I have no desire to do anything more than sit on the sofa and watch TV.  Well, that and go to bed and read on my new Kindle 🙂

I did finish the little boy’s vest in time, and he looked darling in it.  Here he is on the bike he got for Christmas.

christmas jumper

I wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who’s supported me this year.  It’s been a bit rollercoastery here on occasion, but it’s great to be back and to get involved in things like the This is Knit Irish Yarn Club and the Weave Spin Dye guild.  I’ve got more plans for 2014 including new yarns and of course fibre.  To share my thanks for keeping with me, there’s a coupon code for 15% of in the Etsy shop. Just enter MERRYCHRISTMAS at the checkout until January 15th.  There’s still free shipping until the end of the month as well, so double sale 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New year!  Now, where’d I put my Kindle?

Irish Yarn Club


It’s here! It’s here!

This is what I’ve been waiting for…  Carol Feller has announced the Irish Yarn Club!  Carol is going to design patterns using three Irish hand dyer’s yarns.  And guess who’s doing the dyeing?!  Well… Hedgehog Fibres from Cork, and Coolree from Wexford, and ME!

Yes, Dublin Dye will be doing one of the yarns.  Carol already has a skein and is cooking up something brilliant to go with it.  So go, check it out at This is Knit. You know you it’s going to be great!