Looking forward

2014 was a great year for Dublin Dye. Lots of things going on, lots of yarn dyed, even a few patterns published.  It went from being a teeny, tiny spec of a ‘company’ to something with a bit of a presence. Personally, I feel I’ve accomplished something and am proud of that.

As for 2015, it is already looking even bigger and better.  There are lots of things planned, and I’m looking forward to new challenges. The year is starting out with the Irish Yarn Club, I’m currently neck deep in a new base and a new colour which will be going out to club members soon. Then in March I’m heading to Edinburgh Yarn Festival for my first ever yarn show.  This is huge and it terrifies me, but you’ve got to do things that terrify you sometimes, right? If I’m going to Edinburgh, then I’ve got no excuse not to do the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS. There are more patterns in the works by me and some other Irish designers. And I’m sponsoring a month in the Solid Socks Ravelry group. There will be prizes 🙂

I finished off 2014 at home (two small kids, babysitters aren’t worth it for a night out) trying to finish off a project. No reason for the rush to finish it other than I wanted it off the needles. It was annoying me. I’m still not entirely happy with it but I’ll share it anyway once it’s dry. I hope everyone else had a lovely New Year as well, and is looking forward to a great year to come!

Elfbaby Hat

After I knit all those hats for HandmAid Craft Day, I had a request from the little girl for a hat for her. I usually knit some new hats this time of year anyway, since they’ve probably outgrown the old ones, but this year it wasn’t strictly necessary… they’ve stopped growing quite so fast, and I knit the hats a bit big last year. But who am I to say no when a 4 year old asks me to knit for her?

elfbabyIt was only this week though I got a chance to take a photo. I decided to make a non-elf ElfBaby (from Studio Miranda) for her. The yarn is Dublin Dye Merino Sock left over from last year’s Irish Yarn Club with Carol Feller.  As you can tell by the great match to her coat, she is a fan of pink.

elfbaby2For the top of the hat I did 6 decreases every second row until I had half the stitches left, then I did 12 increases. I *thought* this is what Roseanne had done on the top of the hat she made her little boy, and copied it. I’m not sure it’s actually what she did though 🙂 Either way, I’ve been using it on hats ever since!


One of the good things about the dye studio being up and running again (still not finished unfortunately, but workable) is that I can experiment again. I decided I wanted to see what would happen if I randomly separated a skein into parts, and dyed them seperately. So I cut all the ties in a skein but one, and I created four seperate bundles…


What I got was a skein in shades of orangey red, with some shocking yellow.  I possibly should have added a little red to the yellow!  But it does give the whole thing a pop. I don’t know what it’s going to be, but I have wound it so I could see where the colours went.


I think the colours ended up mostly together, with the darker orange in the middle, then the lighter orange, then red then yellow. It should make an interesting knit, but what should it be? Also, if I split the skein differently would it end up with less grouped colours? I think this might require more investigation. And knitting.

Unfortunately my knitting time has been minimal lately while I got the Yarn Club finished (rumour has it some of the international skeins have already hit doormats) and getting the website and This is Knit stocked again (check out the twitter feed for some photos from the shop).  But that’s all done, and I think I’m going to relax a bit on the dyeing for a week or two, and knit instead.  I have three patterns I want to get out as well, so there’s still lots to do.

Up and running

It’s taken a while, but the new studio is up and running. Not quite finished (that could be months away!) but to a point where I can do some work in it.  My priority now is to meet the Irish Yarn Club deadline, but a few non-club skeins have been in the dye pot as well.


These few drying over the weekend are the new sock yarn that will be replacing Twinkle Toes. I love this new yarn, and will be sharing all the details with you soon!

Irish Yarn Club


It’s here! It’s here!

This is what I’ve been waiting for…  Carol Feller has announced the Irish Yarn Club!  Carol is going to design patterns using three Irish hand dyer’s yarns.  And guess who’s doing the dyeing?!  Well… Hedgehog Fibres from Cork, and Coolree from Wexford, and ME!

Yes, Dublin Dye will be doing one of the yarns.  Carol already has a skein and is cooking up something brilliant to go with it.  So go, check it out at This is Knit. You know you it’s going to be great!