Follow Your Arrow

arrow close

I was deterimined to finish my ‘Follow Your Arrow‘ shawl before casting on a new project.  Mainly because this shawl isn’t really me, and I don’t think I’d ever finish it if I put it down.  It’s beatiful, but I’m not a fussy lace sort of person.  I knit this more for the fun of joining in with all the other knitters following their arrows. And it never hurts to have a few samples around in my own hand dye.

arrow hanger

The yarn, which was Dublin Dye Merino Lace in the colour Troublemaker, tends to look purple in some light, and blacker with flashes of pink in others.  This photo gives you an idea of how the light plays on it, and the hint of pink showing through in places. I really love this yarn, but then anything with merino and silk will win me over no questions asked.

The pattern was definitely interesting.  I didn’t choose any of the unusual shape elements of this pattern, and ended up with a fairly traditional lace shawl in the end.  part of me regrets not choosing option A from the first clue, but I’m still happy with how it turned out.  I followed clues BABBA, but if I were to do it again, I think I’d do AABAA. Who knows, I’ve got quite a bit of yarn left (I only used 40g in the end) so I can still do something else with the remaining yarn!

Peer Pressure

I was happily knitting away on my shawl, making good progress, when peer pressure got to me. Everyone seemed to be doing Follow Your Arrow. And I peeked at the first clue. And, well…


I cast on. I didn’t have enough 4 ply in my own stash, so I raided the Dublin Dye shop and turned up a skein of Merino Silk in Troublemaker that was a bit too purple. Or at least that’s my excuse for picking this skein!  The yarn is my favourite fibre combination for laceweight, so I’m enjoying the knitting.

To counteract the lace here and in Portico, I’ve started working on Autumn Whispers again.  Three active WIPs is enough for the moment, so although I want to cast on Carol Feller’s first Irish Yarn Club project, I think it’s going to have to wait.

Also, my poor camera is in the shop, refusing to focus. I’m stuck with the camera phone until further notice.

Playing with Fibre

I spent a day doing a little playing with yarn recently.  I was trying to overdye my Autumn Whispers yarn, and I wanted to try a few new fibres at the same time.  Some bluefaced leicester and nylon sock yarn, and some merino silk lace (a blend with more silk than our existing merino lace).

I love the way different dyes take to different fibres.  I purposely dyed each skein with something comparable so that I could see how they compare.  First, the sock yarns. I dyed the BFL (on the left) it with a skein of Merino Sock, which is in the middle.  You can see the merino takes the dye better than the BFL. The third skein is merino/nylon, and dyed the same as the merino.

sock comparison

And the laces.  Silk is probably my favourite fibre.  You can see below, it just takes dye so beautifully and gives much stronger colours. It is also shinier!  I’ll have some fun knitting this one.  I’m not big on shawls, but a cowl might be a good idea now that the weather has offically turned.

silk compare

I’m not sure if either will end up in the shop… the BFL because I’m not as happy with how it takes the yarn, and the silk because I’m not sure if I could do it for a reasonable price (my tastes do run expensive apparently).  But I’m interested in hearing what others think of the results?