Painted Woolly Toppers

Earlier in the year I got a copy of Painted Woolly Toppers from the talented Woolly Wormhead. It’s a collection of hat patterns designed specifically for hand dyed yarn… what better book for a hand dyer to have on hand? It did sit for a while because the weather thankfully did not need hats! But with the cold autumnal weather upon us, I pulled out the book.

I had a hard time chosing, but really it was down to three Quoin, Risalire, and Vortice I even cast on. In the end I chose Vortice because I didn’t have any hand dyed aran weight for Quoin, and I didn’t want to knit garter stitch in the round for Risalire. I was looking for something not mentally taxing, and Vortice did that for me.

minion in a hatYarn: Dublin Dye Swing Sock in colour Malice

I enticed a little (minion) human to put it on for me. It didn’t fit 🙂 This hat is knit side to side in short rows. I made my usual adjustments to the pattern, and it turned out to be a fatal mistake.

vortice topI staggered some of the rows at the top when I shouldn’t have, and it resulted in the hat losing the bias effect of the original. Of course I didn’t realise this until it was finished. Entirely my fault, and I may have to knit another one to do it properly. Still, it’s a lovely hat and garter stitch always looks great with a hand dye, it’s one of my favourite knitting things.

Once I finished, I promptly cast on some fingerless mitts with the remaining yarn which I think will match perfectly. But more on them later 🙂  I think I need to go back and knit Risalire as well, I think the style would suit me.